11 Christmas Extravaganzas of 2021 Guaranteed to Make You Feel Festive

It might not be the effort we’re all willing to go to deck the halls, just like the characters in the namesake Danny DeVito film, but all of these homeowners were more than ready to go all the way.

Posts and videos from homeowners this year have taken the cake with just how extreme and over the top they’ve been—from death metal Christmas photoshoots to Squid Game-themed light displays.

A Hip Hop Christmas

TikToker @htown_frankie has been repeatedly going viral online after sharing his hip-hop light displays, which are hard to miss.

One of latest posts to rack up views in the millions saw him coordinate a full light display spanning across the front of his house, including a huge screen on the garage, with music by the late, great DMX.

« I got some 45-year-old dudes getting super hypes up on my driveway right now, » he joked in the caption.

The blinding lights flashed in time to « Ruff Ryders’ Anthem » as the garage screen showed lyrics and coinciding images. Christmas trees on the lawn even sang along to the Tunnel banger.

Justin the Light Guy’s TikTok trend light show…and his angry neighbor

In a light display to rival that of the DMX-themed one, Justin the Light Guy went full-TikTok mode to turn his house festive.

Lighting up the whole front of his house and garden, he coordinated the display with a popular TikTok song any teen or parent will recognize— »Chicken wing, chicken wing, hot dog and baloney. »

Despite it racking up views on TikTok, not everyone’s been so happy about it, including his own neighbor. In a video shared online, he received a visit from his neighbor and it was captured on the doorbell camera.

« This kinda sucks, dude, » he said. « Now I don’t understand your childish need for f**king attention all the time: I don’t. Celebrating every camera holiday… » Unfortunately for entertained viewers, the video cut out, but it was enough to see how he felt.

A real-life gingerbread house

Some spend the holiday season making regular gingerbread houses, but that wasn’t enough for this Utah family, who decided to convert their actual house into one.

Colorful candies lined the roof and candy canes were mounted on the front door, while a gingerbread man was positioned in the front yard. Vanilla wafers were even added as window shutters.

It was the red bricks of the house that first made them see the potential, said the Hoffman family. The tradition can take up to two days and between 10 to 12 hours of work.

Daughter Emily Hansen told Newsweek she was intrigued when her mother first presented the idea but wasn’t surprised. She said her mom frequently comes up with big projects.

« She has tried and excelled at many, many things because of her creativity, imagination and a ‘won’t give up’ attitude, » Hansen said.

Life-size Nutcracker mishap

Nutcrackers find themselves in many homes across the holiday season, but possibly none quite as big as these.

A viral tweet by @crimexnoir documented the hilarious mishap by her mother when choosing Christmas decorations.

After purchasing nutcracker dolls from Costco, the Twitter user’s mom expected regular size ones, but ended up with two 8-ft ones, barely able to fit in the room.

« My mom ordered some nutcrackers online not realizing how big they were, » she wrote. « I have been laughing at this all day. »

A death metal Christmas

Lexis Baker and her family went viral just last week for their unique take on a family Christmas photo.

Inspired by Norwegian death metal, the family showed up to their meeting with Santa with corpse makeup and full black attire.

The outcome looked exactly like a scene from Addams Family Values, with death-stares all round.

« Santa just treated us like any other family, he was super sweet. The cameraman was like 17-years-old and before he took the picture he said ‘everyone smiles…or not,' » Baker told Newsweek.

Baker’s boyfriend Rhett, who thought of the whole thing, added: « There is nothing better than high contrast. Take the concept of good old family Xmas and mix it with good old church burning Norwegian death metal and I had a feeling you might get a funny picture. Corpse paint has been in the metal scene since Alice Cooper and so many other old metal bands but I was definitely inspired by the band Mayhem the most. »

Lexis Baker’s family photo.
Lexis Baker

« Parenting disaster » Christmas cards

For most families, Christmas cards are a way to highlight the best and smooth it all over. But not for the Stanley family, who have chosen to create hilariously realistic ones each year.

Embracing the chaos of family life, Jonathan Stanley, his wife Jessica and their three kids create scenes including climbing onto the roof, kids stealing the car, and being abducted by drones.

The latest shows the kids on a cart with a wooden sign saying « polar express » using a leaf blower and helium balloons to fly away.

« Shortly after we had our first child we tried to take a  »traditional » Christmas card and the results were spectacularly bad.

« Things like the baby crying the whole time, windy, camera misfiring… you name it. If two of us looked okay, the third one blinked or sneezed or something. We laughed so hard at the results that we ended up just sending a series of the worst outtakes and our family loved it.

« So it gave us an idea—instead of trying to capture perfect family photos for our Christmas cards, we thought it was more relatable to capture what parenting really felt like.

Dogs aren’t just for Christmas, but this one is wrapped like it

TikToker and dog owner Scott Hubbard, known by his TikTok name @scottyhubs, gained over 37 million views with his festive gift wrapping.

Unlike the traditional gifts, he decided to wrap his dog up for Christmas—topping it all off with a bow.

The adorable dog was ready to be placed under the tree, as the best gift of all this year.

Insane Christmas list for 10 kids

Parents will likely agree that the biggest struggle of all the season is the Christmas shopping. Imagine doing that for 10.

One mom doesn’t have to imagine. Alicia Dougherty, known online as @doughtertydoze, has 10 children, six of whom are adopted. With her husband Josh Dougherty, they live in Pittsford, New York and are able to give the Cheaper by the Dozen movies a run for their money.

In a video shared to her TikTok account, Dougherty detailed her Christmas shopping. Most of it takes place online, including 11 bikes and helmets, two Nintendo Switches, a Wii U, « tons of shoes and games, » a laptop and an iPad.

And you thought your Christmas was expensive…

This decoration got the fire brigade called out

TikTok user @survivordiet went viral online for his hilarious and impressive moving decoration, which looked like a man gripping to the roof after falling while putting up lights.

It was made by deconstructing a handmade Michael Myers mannequin, which was then fitted with legs that could swing back and forth with a motor system. Added speakers even played audio yelling for help.

Unsurprisingly, concerned passersby were left so convinced by the decoration that they called the emergency services, as shown by later videos.

Both police and the fire service showed up with sirens and flashing lights, expecting to find someone in need of help.

Squid Game light display – literal « Red Light, Green Light »

It wouldn’t be a 2021 holiday season if at least one light display didn’t feature the show that gripped the world this year.

Squid Game is far from being a festive family favorite, but it’s certainly still a favorite.

One homeowner decked their house with a Squid Game-themed light display, featuring LED lights singing a remix of the show’s music with « Do It to It » by Cherish.

The classic shapes from the Squid Game series make an appearance at the start too, as the only lights flashing, until the rest of the house joins in.

Taylor Swift does Christmas

2021 has been the year of a Swift return, with the popstar re-recording most of her old hits and albums in a bid to own her own masters.

One Swiftie went the ultimate mile to show their love for the singer, using « Look What You Made Me do » to soundtrack their light display.

The LED tree at the front of the hard was made to sing along to the lyrics, while lights and projections across the rest of the house and yard fit in perfect time.

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