Baby Sliding Into Leaf Pile Before Vanishing Goes Viral in Hilarious Video

A TikTok video of a child sliding into a pile of leaves before seemingly vanishing has left the internet in stitches.

Carley Anderson, who boasts 145,800 followers on the social media platform, uploaded the footage with a caption hinting at how her video would backfire: « First leaf pile gone wrong. »

The clip starts with a little baby sitting at the top of a slide, which leads down to a large pile of leaves on the ground. As the video continues, the baby slides down and plunges into the bunch of leaves—all in slow motion.

But as a woman near the baby watches the child disappear into the leaves, viewers can see her expression change from excitement to one of slight unease.

Unsure of where the baby is, the woman and person behind the camera quickly rush over to search for the baby among the leaves, reaching their hands down in a bid to find the child.

Fortunately, after digging through the leaves for a few seconds, the woman finds the baby and lifts him out. But the toddler is clearly not happy about the experience and can be heard crying.

The clip, uploaded last month, became a viral sensation on the internet and has now been watched some 74 million times.

It was also liked more than 10 million times, with viewers rushing to the comment section to share their opinions about the failed stunt.

One commenter said: « This is the epitome of every mom trying to make cool memories with their kids and it is always back firing. »

Another wrote: « Parents just be doing whatever with their kids just inflicting all kinds of unnecessary trauma. »

A third commented: « Now he’s going to end up with a fear of leaves and move somewhere they only have palm trees. »

Escapades involving babies or young children are a guaranteed pathway to viral success on TikTok, as one user found out earlier this month.

A clip chronicling a baby’s adorable first attempt at tackling a chicken wing melted hearts online. The clip, uploaded by the baby’s mother, showed the child going to town on the piece of meat in a frantic effort that left every morsel of chicken stripped from the bone.

But the highlight of the video came toward the end of the clip when the baby can be seen tapping on the bone to check he has left nothing behind.

Stock image of baby in leaves. The clip has been viewed 74million times on TikTok.

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