Final Fantasy 14 Endwalker Dungeon Gives Tons of EXP Right Now

Final Fantasy 14 is a few weeks after debut Endwalker, its fourth expansion pack. Square Enix recently rolled out its first minor update, adding some new content, enhancing its polygon count. notorious Endwalker crystal grapes, and increased exp earned from new dungeons and hunting points.

When the player first starts Final Fantasy 14: Endwalker, many people find the experience gained from new dungeons to be a bit low. Also, hunting for marks – daily bonuses for killing specific creatures give experience and currency – seems to yield twice as much EXP as those from Shadowbringers, compared to the much larger growth between the hunts of previous expansions.


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During the first two weeks of Endwalker’s run, run once relevance Endwalker dungeon gave about a third of the level. Now it offers more than half the level. Likewise, hunting experience increased from 120k-140k experience to over 200k per landmark, meaning players can get around 3 million experience from defeating 15 creatures per day, up from about 2 million.

The increase in experience is almost certainly a by-product of Final Fantasy 14 adjust the following number decrease the rate of value in Endwalker. “Stat Squish” saw game-wide numbers, from damage to health to experience and stats, drop. Stats of such a change can have ramifications in unexpected places in the game, and a lower than normal experience gain could be one of those places.

Needless to say, Final Fantasy 14 players are happy to see the EXP increase. While leveling up through dungeons is one of the many ways to earn experience in the game, increasing those gains makes it a more appealing option. Previously, spamming world events in Bozja – a Shadowbringers the area used for leveling and crafting relic weapons – is the most effective way to level up, although not the most exciting or inspiring. Now, players looking for variety in their leveling experience can run a few dungeons and not feel they’re leveling less efficiently.

However, some players are concerned that the increase in experience may make leveling up too easy. The experience obtained is closer to the experience from Shadowbringers expansion, but some feel they really exceed those amounts. Additionally, the new increase in dungeon experience means that players’ jobs will quickly outpace their Trust avatars – NPCs who can run dungeons for solo content – meaning it will take a long time. work to increase all 7 avatars maximum level in Final Fantasy 14. Few players plan on finding the gift pony in their mouths, though, as more efficient leveling options mean less incentive to burn through the same stuff over and over again simply because of that. is the fastest option.

Final Fantasy 14: Endwalker Available now on PC, PS4 and PS5.

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