Halo 7 should focus more on Infinite’s melee combat

Developer 343 Industries has done a lot to change the way combat is handled with Halo Infinite. Halo 5 introduced some first series, but InfiniteGrapples snapshots are completely revolutionized the way players think about combat when engaging with enemies. The warm reception that Master Chief’s newest ability has received is proof enough that taking the time to perfect the game’s main loop is worth it, but while that latest element Halo title feels great, some other combat field could work for 343’s next outing.


Two melee central weapons in Halo Infinite, the energy sword, and the gravity hammer, work as they’ve always loved, but they feel a bit out of place as fixed weapons against Master Chief in such a heavy boss fight. Halo entrance. Now, 343 has perfected moving around an open world with Infinite, it would be worth the studio’s time to rethink how they handle melee weapons for Halo 7, if such a game is active.

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Halo Infinite’s Boss Encounters

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