Halo Infinite Killing Spree: What is it and how many lives are explained

Like many multiplayer games, Halo Infinite rewards players for performing certain feats in online matches. One bonus the game offers is the Killing Spree medal, which the user can claim to complete the Weekly Challenge in the game. “Cut Vacuity in Twain” is one such challenge, asking players to “Earn Killing Sprees in Fiesta PvP” on Xbox or PC. But, what is the Killing Spree in Halo Infinite? How many kills does Killing Spree have? Here’s what to know about 343 Industries’ new Halo game.

How do you get Killing Spree in Halo Infinite multiplayer?

The player earns the Killing Spree medal in Halo Infinite for every five consecutive kills without dying.

Users earn a Killing Spree Halo Infinite medal for every five consecutive kills, up to a maximum of 40 frags in a single life. Luckily, the in-game challenges don’t require earning multiple Killing Sprees in one go. Instead, the player can get a minimum of five kills in a row before dying and repeating the process.

Halo Infinite Weekly Challenge: A Guide to “Cutting Expectations at Twain”

  1. Launch Halo Infinite on Xbox Series X, Series S, Xbox One, or PC (Steam or Game Pass).
  2. Choose PvP Fiesta and join a multiplayer match.
  3. Earn at least five kills in a row without dying for the Killing Spree medal.
  4. Repeat the process four more times to complete the “Cut the Distance in Twice” Weekly Challenge.

Players can earn five Killing Spree medals across multiple lives and matches, which makes the process much easier. Play cautiously to avoid death at all costs and the challenge in this game will be done in an instant. To complete it successfully, the user gets 400 XP for leveling up the Heroes of Reach Battle Pass.

For more Halo Infinite challenges, learn how to beat Fusion Frenzy (probably a nod to the original Xbox game).

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