How Much Should I Sell My Old Laptop?

When selling your computer, you may determine the asking price based on its age, features, and specifications. Due to the constant introduction of new technology on the market, you may require assistance determining the resale value, or an acceptable selling price, for your computer.

Currently, the most effective method for determining the market worth of your computer is to conduct an Internet search, simply type sell my Dell laptop, and you will see results already. You can choose to search online for current listing prices or closed auctions for computers of the same make and model, or you can utilize an online assessment service to obtain an estimated value for your computer. Continue reading this article to learn how to use the Internet to determine the resale worth of your computer.

Determine the manufacturer, model, and characteristics of your machine. To determine the resale worth of your computer, you must have specific information about its features.

Consult the user manual for your computer to learn about its features, including the manufacturer’s name, model, CPU speed, hard drive size, RAM, screen size, and disk drive type.

If you lack access to the computer’s documentation, examine it to determine its capabilities. This is achieved by locating the manufacturer’s symbol on the computer and then powering it on and reading the System Properties menu. For instance, if you’re selling a Windows computer, right-click on the “My Computer” icon on the desktop and select “System Properties.”

Navigate to the eBay website. You can use eBay to check the prices of computers of the same make and model that are for sale and previous listings for PCs that have sold.

Scroll down to the “Common Questions” section of the “PC World” website, which is referenced in this article’s Sources section.

To access eBay’s website, click on the embedded link “eBay’s home page” in the “Common Questions” section.

Search computer listings that correspond to your make and model. Enter the model and manufacturer of your computer in the eBay search window and click the “Search” button. For instance, if you’re selling a Dell Inspiron Mini laptop, enter these same criteria into the search window.

Modify the search criteria to reflect your computer’s current state. You can obtain precise resale values by indicating whether your PC is new or used.

On the left side of the web page’s “Condition” section, check the box next to “New” or “Used.” The website will automatically update and reload new results based on your specified parameters.

Scan the search results to determine the resale value of your equipment. While the prices of laptops displayed vary by seller, you can estimate the value of your machine within an acceptable range.

Browse eBay’s recently concluded auctions. This technique will display the prices paid by purchasers for similar make and model PCs. 

To access your eBay account, navigate to the top of the eBay page and click the “Sign in” option. If you do not have an eBay account, you may establish one by clicking the “Register” link.

Click the “Advanced” option to the right of the “Search” button to access the advanced search function.

After entering the manufacturer and model of your computer in the search area, check the box next to “Completed listings.”

Click the “Search” button to browse finished ads or auctions. This will give the final prices for previously sold computers of your make and model.

Utilize an internet appraisal tool to ascertain the market value of your computer. Numerous websites will estimate the resale value of your computer depending on the features and specifications you provide.

To locate websites that provide an evaluation tool or function, use any Internet search engine and enter a keyword phrase such as “appraise my computer.”

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