James Franco does not take ‘ownership’ of important allegations

After four years of relative silence about multiple women’s sexual misconduct allegations against him, James Franco said he was ready to “take ownership of some things”. But if you really listen to the actor’s hour-long interview on Jess Cagle’s podcast, you might start to notice that the “things” he really considers accountable are the ones that pose the least risk to his career.

The interview, available in its entirety on SiriusXM, carefully addresses allegations from 2018 LA time posts that forced Franco to address his alleged sexual misconduct and exploitation of many female students and teachers. Franco said he has refrained from addressing the allegations so far — though The lawyer called a lawsuit against him and his acting school “a travesty of justice” —because “there are people who are upset with me, and I need to listen… I actually used the recovery platform to start looking at this and change who I was.”

“I guess there is a lot of work to be done,” Franco said at one point. “In that silence, in the void of my speaking, now my family and friends have had to answer for me. And I don’t think that’s true. I don’t want someone to answer for me. So now I’m speaking up. ”

Among the allegations that surfaced during the 2018 show: Franco’s acting school gave him access to a slew of young actresses – some of them alleging that the Studio’s classes 4 pushed them to do intimate scenes outside of their comfort zones. Two actresses from one of Franco’s indie productions, including one of his students, said he removed the protective coating from their vaginas before simulating oral sex. in a chaotic scene.

Violet Paley, an aspiring filmmaker who met Franco at the age of 20 and started a romantic relationship with him after they met in 2016, told Times Franco pressured her to perform oral sex on him — an incident where five people confirmed she mentioned them at the same time.

During his time with Cagle, Franco attributed his behavior to a “hole” in his “soul” that he had tried to fill through various outside sources – alcohol during his teenage years. teens, then work and sex when he came in. recover and become sober.

“A year before the article, I hit a wall,” said the actor. “After 20 years of working like a lunatic, I’m done. People have warned me, ‘Hey, you’re going to burn out.’ The point is, I took that as a badge of honor.” He stated that a year ago Times the article came out, he stepped back from work and started dating; He also said he has been recovering from a sex addiction since 2016.

But for all the “accountability” Franco wants us to believe he’s accepting, it’s hard not to notice the interview ignoring any accusations or admissions that could yield even a What exactly is the liability clause?

In 2019, two former Studio 4 students — Sarah Tither-Kaplan and Toni Gaal—accused in a lawsuit that Franco had founded his school to reach out to a group of young performers that he and his male collaborators could tap. Franco and his accomplices made payments this summer in the amount of $2.2 million.

The lawsuit alleges that Franco’s schools require students to audition for classes like “Sex Scenes” on videos so Franco can watch them again. (Franco denies he selects students for classes or watches any videos.) The complaint further alleges that nudists and other industry standard protections were not present.

Studio 4 abruptly closed both of its locations at the end of 2017. Franco claimed to Cagle that the “Sex Scene” class was at the heart of a number of allegations against him in both. Times Articles and lawsuits have been named to sound more provocative than they are. He also denied that Studio 4 intended to create a “pipeline” of women for sexual exploitation but did admit to sleeping with students.

“That was wrong,” Franco said. “But like I said, that’s not why I started school. And I’m not the one to choose the people who enter the class. So that’s not a master plan on my part. ”

The actor added that he’s internalized the idea that as long as his interactions are unanimous, they’re “cool” — a concept he says he’s come to recognize as confused.

Valli Kane & Vagnini LLP and Hadsell, Stormer Renick & Dai LLP — law firms representing survivors of the lawsuit — responded to Franco’s comment with a statement on behalf of their clients.

“Apart from being oblivious to the dynamics of power, Franco is completely insensitive and still seems unconcerned about the immense pain and suffering he has put his victims through with the spoof. this acting school,” the attorneys wrote in a provided statement. for The Daily Beast. “It is unbelievable that even after agreeing to the settlement, he continues to downplay the survivors’ experiences and ignore their pain, despite acknowledging that he has no business. business to start such a school.”

“It’s unbelievable that even after agreeing to the settlement, he continued to downplay the survivors’ experiences and ignore their pain, despite acknowledging that he had no business. when starting such a school.”

“This is not a misunderstanding of a course name, it is not the result of him being overworked – it is, and is, despicable behaviour,” the statement continued. “No one should confuse this interview with Franco taking responsibility for his actions or expressing regret for what happened. It’s a transparent summary of the real issues released just before a big holiday in the hope that he won’t face any scrutiny over his response. “

Despite two accusations by women that Franco removed the plastic protectors covering the actresses’ vaginas to simulate oral sex with them during a shoot, he claimed to have “scene shows that it never happened in that particular project.” (Cagle did not notify Franco for details.) The actor also denied that he was ever angry when the actors refused to participate in the nude scene that was not discussed before filming.

Most striking about Franco’s interview, however, were the allegations that he completely ignored or seemed to misunderstand.

The interview did not mention Paley’s allegations of sexual assault, although some sources asserted Times which she described to them after it happened. Paley did not immediately respond to The Daily Beast’s request for comment on the interview but appeared to have responded with a retweet by Harvey Weinstein accuser Sarah Ann Masse: ‘Sexual claims’ agree’ with students while asserting ignorance about power dynamics and blaming sex addiction is not the responsibility some are creating. Waiting 4 years and still not admitting any of the abuse is leaving his survivors stunned. ”

And when Franco talked about the alleged attempt to meet a 17-year-old at the hotel, his description omitted an important detail. Although Franco claimed that after he knew the girl was “18 weeks away,” they “removed that,” screenshot from their chat it emerged that he continued to pursue her after she confirmed her age.

Throughout his interview, Franco linked his maladaptive behaviors to his struggle with addiction and declining social skills. He said: “I hide behind the facade of fame. The final third part of the interview delves into how his social skills “shrunk” when he used his status as a “bait”. Now, Franco says, he’s changed — and will “continue to do it for the rest of my life.”

“I really think I was put on this earth to be creative,” Franco said at the end of the conversation. “I don’t know what that form will look like in the future. I’m just trying to be open-minded and hope whatever comes around, I can be an example of someone creating a safe environment and making that a priority.”

The great James Franco recovery may be for James Franco, however, true accountability requires recognizing and taking full ownership of the pain one has caused. Franco and his attorneys could argue that this interview constitutes such an admission, but something tells me his accusers (and many other abuse survivors) sexual abuse) wants him to continue to deal with himself in silence.

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