The Witcher Fans Stop Time in Electric Ciri Cosplay

Ciri showcased the full potential of Elder Blood in this dynamic cosplay.

The Witcher The Netflix series is back in full swing, bringing viewers back to the Continent alongside our favorite witches and monsters. Although it’s only been out for a few days since season 2 came out, it’s already skyrocketed in popularity among fantasy fans.

One of the show’s best stories revolves around Ciri, a warrior turned princess. A powerful symbol of strength, healing, and fate, Ciri has long been a favorite among fans of books, games, and shows. One such fan showed his love for Ciri through an electric cosplay, highlighting her prowess in both magic and combat.

The Witcher: Blood Origin | Teaser Post-Credits Trailer | Netflix



The Witcher: Blood Origin | Teaser Post-Credits Trailer | Netflix






In a fascinating set of photos, cosplayer Petra Germany (IG: @halloffemme) brings Ciri and her electric magic to full power. As you can see, she exhibits both Ciri’s tough determination and toughness.

Photographer Jeremiah Edwards (IG: @squirrelyjediphotography) masterfully captured the German Ciri, with Bane Grimm Bane Grim (IG: @banegrimmphoto) adds a bit of fairy magic to the scene. Overall, their work is a great showcase of a true dedication to their craft, creating a wonderfully cohesive set of images that look straight out. The Witcher series.

Impressively, Duc sewed, crafted and styled every detail of this cosplay. First, she 3D printed Ciri’s dagger, as well as her main weapon, the sword. Both are the first in Germany to use 3D printing, and it can be said that it is amazing.

She then made most of Ciri’s other costume features out of sponges or shawls. Through a combination of well-tested techniques and an aesthetic eye for textures, Germany has created realistic-looking leather and silver. Additionally, she says that she especially likes the boots, saying, “I’m so proud of these boots. I stripped and recovered a pair of boots and used old leather for the upper arm cuffs. ”

And, as if it couldn’t get any better, Germany has teamed up with cosplayer Geralt and artist Bane Grimm (IG: @banegrimm) for some epic shots of the couple. With the focus still on Ciri, the photos show Geralt practicing with Ciri and watching her turn around – just like games.

If you can’t get enough expertly crafted German mosaic toys, check her out Gwen Stacey cosplay or her latest holiday theme Harley Quinn shoots! Along with that, you can check out more Edwards cosplay photos on His Instagram.

Finally, watch Part 2 of The Witcher, is now available to stream on Netflix.

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