Top 10 best female characters in 2021

For better or worse, 2021 is coming to an end, and it’s been a somewhat unusual year for the gaming industry. In the light of The ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, many games have been delayed or slated for release around 2022. But this has allowed some unexpected gems to emerge, emphasizing the surprising qualities that make each game so unique and memorable.

The past year in the gaming arena has seen many brilliant writing women who are determined in their quests, whether it’s escaping a dangerous planet, stopping a protagonist, or discovering break the truth. Although, like anyone, these women have flaws, this imperfection ultimately serves as a catalyst in their story and decisions would not exist without them. their influencing role. They follow in no particular order.


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Selene (Return)

Brittni Finley
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After growing up with Pokemon, Kirby, and Animal Crossing, the fifth installment of Skyrim The Elder Scrolls changed her life and she’s been an avid gamer ever since. If she’s still not inclined to raise another new ranch in Stardew Valley, find her hunting for used 3DS cartridges or looking for the next hit narrative indie game.

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